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    Terms and Conditions - Timalfes Cosmetics


    All products and services available at timalfes.com are governed by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. Any product-related information, such as product availability and features, and any other relevant information is available on the product page.


    The terms and conditions of the use of the website, of which the Privacy Policy is an integral part, as well as any modification or change thereof, shall be governed by Greek law, and any dispute relating thereto shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Giannitsa.

    Any provision of these terms found to be in breach of the above legal framework or to become invalid shall be automatically void and shall be withdrawn from the present, without in any way undermining the validity of the other terms.


    We welcome you to timalfes.com, the online store of Timalfes Cosmetics, based in Giannitsa, Pella and provide its services to you, visitors or customers only by accepting the following Terms of Use on your behalf. Please read them carefully to make sure you agree, as you visit or buy through timalfes.com, you accept them automatically. It is also noted that the use or purchase of any other services coming from the timalfes.com online store is subject to these terms of use, except in cases where deviations from these terms are expressly stated.


    Timalfes Cosmetics reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store. It also undertakes to inform users of any modifications as well as of any change through the website of this e-shop. It is clarified that changing terms does not take orders that you have already done.


    The site is owned by Timalfes Cosmetics, based in Giannitsa, Pella, Bafras & Philippou, Post Code 58100, Greece, Tax Office Giannitsa and VAT No EL 059578941. The natural cosmetic products that appear on the website are prepared for Timalfes Cosmetics and honey, as well as all derivatives of the hive, is our production, certified by Bio Hellas.


    Timalfes Cosmetics recognizes the importance of the security of your personal data as well as your electronic transactions and takes all the necessary measures, using the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure maximum security. All information that relates to your personal information and your transactions is secure and confidential. The security of the Timalfes Cosmetics online store is achieved through the following methods:

    - Customer Recognition
    Codes used to identify you is two: the entrance code (e-mail or username) and the personal password, which each time you enter them, gives you access with absolute security to your personal information.

    You are given the ability to change your personal password and e-mail address as often as you like. The only person who has access to your information is you through the above codes and you are solely responsible for maintaining secrecy and hiding it from others.

    In case of loss or leakage, you should immediately notify us, otherwise Timalfes Cosmetics online store is not responsible for the use of the password by an unauthorized person. We strongly recommend that you change your password at regular intervals and avoid using the same and easily detectable codes (e.g., birthdates). We also suggest that you use not only letters and numbers but also symbols).

    - Ensure privacy of the transfer of your Personal Data.

    Timalfes Cosmetics (timalfes.com) is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of the data it collects on its website users. It has adopted procedures that protect the personal data that users submit to their website or provide them by any other means (e.g. by phone). These procedures protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss or misuse, and change or destruction.

    They also help to verify that these items are accurate and are used correctly. Your connection to this is secure because it uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is based on a key code for encrypting data before sending it through the connection. The security check between the data and the server is based on the unique key code ensuring full communication. Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari browsers support the SSL protocol and are suggested to use them to connect to timalfes.com.

    - Automatically Disconnect

    If there is no activity for 20 minutes, it automatically disconnects from the members of the Timalfes Cosmetics online store.

    - Firewall

    Access to timalfes.com (servers) systems is controlled by a firewall, which allows for the use of specific services by customers / users, while prohibiting access to data systems and databases with confidential data and company information.

    - Encryption

    The Timalfes Cosmetics system first decrypts the information it receives using the same key (pre-determined by the start of your connection to the service) and then processes them. Timalfes Cosmetics systems send you information by following the same encryption process. Anywhere on the site you enter personal data (password, addresses, phones, credit cards, etc.) there is 128-bit SSL encryption. Encryption is basically a way of encoding the information until it reaches your designated recipient, which will be able to decode it using the appropriate key. When ordering and if the user / customer is logged in with the username and personal code at timalfes.com, all communication between your computer and Timalfes Cosmetics systems is encrypted using a 128bits key. That is, each time you send information to the system, your browser first encrypts it using a 128-bit key and then sends it to the system.

    The Timalfes Cosmetics system first decrypts the information it receives using the same key (pre-determined by the start of your connection to the service) and then processes them. Timalfes Cosmetics systems send you information by following the same encryption process.

    - Business Transaction

    Confidentiality is self-evident. The same basic principles governing classic transactions also apply to e-commerce. All information transmitted by the user / member to Timalfes Cosmetics is confidential and Timalfes Cosmetics has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extent that this is considered necessary in the context of the services provided. Some of the measures taken are the following:

    Only authorized employees have access to your transaction information and only when is necessary, e.g. to handle your requests.

    Timalfes Cosmetics does not disclose the details of their customers and transactions unless they have written authorization from you or this is required by a court order or decision of another public authority. If Timalfes Cosmetics uses third parties to support its systems, it ensures secrecy. Subject to the provisions of Chapter 7 of this Privacy Policy, you may request that any information be retained for you, as well as their correction if you can substantiate the existence of an error.

    For your own safety, you should also treat all information provided through the Service as confidential and not make any disclosure to third parties.


    When you visit timalfes.com pages, you may be asked to provide personal information about you (name, surname, profession, e-mail address, shipping address, etc.) as a rule to process your orders or to provide our services. Any personal data that you declare anywhere on the pages and services of the timalfes.com web sites are strictly for the sole purpose of dealing with us, improving the service provided and ensuring the operation of the respective service, and is not allowed to be used by any third party (except where provided for by law in the competent authorities alone).

    In any case, Timalfes Cosmetics employees who have access to your personal data are specific and unauthorized access to your personal data is prohibited. Any reasonable measure to secure your data has been taken. Your personal information in extremely rare and special cases may also be communicated to Timalfes Cosmetics affiliates in order to support, promote and execute your business relationship with us, but always under conditions that fully ensure that your personal information is not undergo any unlawful treatment.

    For any queries or suggestions or statements related to these issues, please contact us using the special contact form you provide at www.timalfes.com.

    At any time, the user reserves the right to update or object to the further processing of his or her data in accordance with the applicable privacy laws.

    Timalfes Cosmetics makes every effort to provide high quality services. Nevertheless, errors can not be ruled out in prices and secondary product features and it can not be ensured that there will be no interruption of the website or "human" errors when updating / listing the price of a product. For the safety and efficiency of your purchases, we invite you if you find that a product is offered at an abnormally low or high price compared to its market value before proceeding to ordering it to contact Customer Service at +30 6937591043 or via of the site's e-mail form.

    Once you have registered your order, you will receive an automated e-mail stating the details of your order. After you process the order from Timalfes Cosmetics is online shopping section, you will receive the second and confirmatory e-mail with the products that will be sent to you. From this point on, the contract between us is concluded.

    In the event that a pending order appears in your order, you will be sent a corresponding e-mail and / or sms. Alternatively, we will contact you on the phones you provided when registering or registering the order on our site.

    There is no way to disable these updates, the shipment of which is a prerequisite for the correct development of your order. These emails invite you to take care to be able to reach you and keep them throughout our transaction. It is your responsibility, in case you do not receive the relevant e-mail, in accordance with the general terms and conditions governing our transactions, to inform us without delay. The products are delivered to you as soon as possible and in any case within a period of not more than thirty days from the date of conclusion of the contract. Exceptions are products with status pre-orders, expected soon and on request, for which there is a separate delivery update.

    Customer Protection

    Timalfes.com reserves the right to ask you to send us an ID card and a residence permit by fax, e-mail or mail to an order amounting to more than € 250. We are sorry for the inconvenience we bring to you, but these measures prove our will to protect our customers from possible frauds.


    You may return a product and pay you the price if you notify us in writing via the contact form or by telephone by calling the Customer Service Department your decision within 15 calendar days of receipt of the product by you or a third party to indicate as and why you wish to return the product. Refunds can only be made if the products are in excellent condition in their original packaging with full content and without damaging the security labels.

    In case a product is defective, we will send you a new identical product, without your charge, if you wish. To do so, you will be asked to send us photos showing that the product is defective. If this is not apparent from the photos you should send us the product back to check it out. In any case, the products you wish to return must be accompanied by the necessary legalization documents and receipts. We advise you to return the product as a registered parcel and possibly choose to ship a declared value that represents the cost of the products you ship. This is necessary in case of theft or loss of transport services. Return shipping costs are not covered by Timalfes Cosmetics and charge the customer.

    You are not entitled to resignation in the cases referred to in Article 3ib of Law 2251/94 and in any other case provided for by law or by this Act in accordance with the law.


    Without limitation of the Article 9 Disclosure provisions, the order can be canceled in the following cases: Before the order is completed, during the online ordering process, you can back "back" and remove the quantities of products from your basket by clicking the "remove" button. If the online order has been completed but the product has not yet been shipped, you can call +30 6937591043 and one of our partners will take over the cancellation of your order.


    The e-shop has a mechanism for canceling an order (in whole or in part) already registered. For any cancellation of an order, you should send an e-mail to info@timalfes.com. This feature is offered to you by the time we notify you about the sending of your order. After this time, it is not possible to cancel.


    The prices listed in the timalfes.com online store are in euro and include all taxes (24% VAT) except shipping costs. The shipping costs are charged to the customer and appear during the order and are invoiced at the end of the order in addition to the price of the selected products. Timalfes.com reserves the right to modify the prices applicable to the products on its website at any time but is committed to applying the prices listed on its website at the time of your order.


    Shipping Costs / Free Delivery:

    The delivery deadlines mentioned in the e-shop are indicative and can be modified. Timalfes.com will not be held responsible for the consequences of delaying the delivery or loss of your parcel by the carrier.

    If the package is not received within the stated deadlines, an inquiry will be made to the carrier and lasts up to 15 days. During this period, no compensation or resumption of the mission may take place. Shipping costs depend on the total weight of the products you choose.

    Order sending information

    The products are shipped internally with the expressex courier company and abroad with Hellenic Post (ELTA)

    Shipping costs depend on the total weight of the products you choose.

    Charges for shipping costs within Greece are as follows:

    Up to 2 kg charge is 2.50 € / parcel

    There is no extra charge for inaccessible areas.

    If the parcel exceeds 2 kilos, the charge for each extra pound is 1.5 € / parcel.

    In the case of delivery on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, there is an extra charge.

    For cash on delivery in Greece: On-demand delivery service has an additional charge of 2.5 € for the total transport cost.

    For orders over 40 € and up to 2kg, shipping charges are free of charge for retail customers throughout Greece.

    Charges for shipping costs abroad are as follows:

    Zone 11: Up to 500 grams of priority A, registered and express charge of up to € 10.60

    Zone 22: Up to 500 grams of priority A, registered and express charge of up to € 11.40.

    For cash on delivery in other countries:

    The toll shipping service has an additional charge of 2.50 € for the total shipping cost.

    For orders over 100 € and up to 1kg, shipping costs are free for retail customers.

    Zone 1 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech Republic , Finland, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway).

    Zone 2 Other countries in Europe and countries of the rest of the world.

    For more weight, regarding shipping costs, please contact us.

    Indicative Time of Delivery in Greece3:

    If your order is placed before 12 o'clock, it is shipped on the same day and delivered 1-3 business days to land and island destinations, 1-5 in inaccessible areas except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays, provided that the product you ordered is available in stock.

    Indicative Delivery Time in other countres3:

    In order to deliver your orders abroad we use ELTA POST OFFICE and send your parcels as "registered" and "express". Packages are usually delivered within three (3) business days after the date of their deposit in the countries of the European Union and in 3-5 days in the rest of the world.

    3 The delivery time is indicative and refers to working days from the date of departure. The circumstances may vary.

    Shipments of more than 2kg:

    Shipment of parcels over 2kg is carried out after consulting and informing the customer about transport costs.

    If you want another way of shipping, do not hesitate to contact us.


    Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

    - In times of extreme weather or strikes, and in any case of force majeure, which may affect the transportation and delivery of your order.

    - If it is impossible to communicate with you by phone and / or e-mail (if there is a problem with your order or with the product or with your payment) e.g. your entries you have entered are not properly updated. Therefore, in order to avoid any delay, we invite you to place your order using:

    - (a) a registered or professional e-mail address.

    - (b) a landline telephone number (work or home) so that we can contact you at any time.


    Note how we handle your order within our available inventory. In the event that one of our products is not available in our stock, we commit to contact you by email within 2 working days of the date of the order informing you of the deadline within which the product may be delivered to you.


    Timalfes Cosmetics regularly sends email updates.

    Newsletters may end up in the spam folder, so please check regularly that they are not stored there.

    If you do not wish to receive any newsletters or wish to be totally unsubscribed from the messaging system, you can tell us using the e-shop contact form.

    Information from Timalfes Cosmetics is only available if you choose and for as long as you wish. Instead, if you have made an order with Timalfes Cosmetics, using our online store, we send automated emails about the progress of your order. There is no way to disable these updates, the delivery of which is a prerequisite for the correct development of your order. These emails call you to make sure they can reach you and keep them throughout our transaction.

    It is your responsibility, in case you do not receive the relevant e-mail, in accordance with the general terms and conditions governing our transactions, to inform us without delay.


    Timalfes Cosmetics commits itself to the completeness and validity of the information posted on the timalfes.com website in terms of both the existence of the essential characteristics that are described on a case-by-case basis for each product it holds and the accuracy of the information on the , from the Timalfes Cosmetics online store, subject to any technical or typographical errors that have been avoided or inadvertently caused or due to any interruption of the website due to higher majeure.


    Timalfes Cosmetics guarantees timely information to final consumers about the unavailability of the products of their choice. The timalfes.com online store is not responsible for any technical problems that occur to users when attempting to access and during the site and which relate to the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure using the site. Timalfes Cosmetics also has no responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and in particular unauthorized third party interventions in products and / or information made available through it.


    Timalfes.com is the official web site of Timalfes Cosmetics. All the content of the web pages posted by our company, including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, services and products, are the intellectual property of Timalfes Cosmetics and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. The names, images, logos and distinctive features of Timalfes Cosmetics and / or its online store and / or third parties affiliated with them as well as their products or services are exclusive marks and distinctive features of Timalfes Cosmetics and / and timalfes.com and / or third parties that are protected by Greek, Community and international trademark laws and industrial and intellectual property and unfair competition.

    In any case, their appearance and exposure to timalfes.com should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.


    Users of timalfes.com accept that they will not use Timalfes Cosmetics online store for sending, posting, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content is illegal, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, defamatory, defamatory, obscene, obscene, libelous, violates someone else's privacy, shows empathy or expresses racial, national or other discrimination, can cause harm to minors in any way, is not entitled to broadcast in accordance with (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of a business relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements) violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights third-party, contains software viruses or any other code, file or program designed to cause interruption, damage, destruction or obstruction of operation of any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally contravenes existing Greek and EU legislation and provisions that may impede third in any way and any content used to collect or store personal data of users.


    As soon as you post your order, please check your e-mail. We will send you the following message:

    "Your order was completed, thank you." Please check your e-mail. We have sent you a confirmatory e-mail with the details of your order.

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