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Green Natural Face Sunscreen Anti-Aging Moisturizer - Timalfes Cosmetics

ID: 9

Code: 560103

Price: 32.90€

Product Description

At the same time, it is anti-aging as it contains 100% vegetable oily complex of myrtle and olive leaves Bio, which prevents oxidative stress, aging and cell aging, significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles, imperfections and gloss and maintains the skin moisturized.

Ideal for sensitive skins, as zinc oxide sunscreens are recommended by dermatologists. Suitable for people with skin disorders and sensitive to the use of sunscreens with chemical filters. Certified natural product by Natrue.


Apply 2mg/cm2 of the cream to the face, neck and neckline before exposure to the sun. Renew the application in case of perspiration, after bathing or if you wipe. If a smaller quantity is used, the products action is lower. Do not expose directly to the sun even after using sunscreen. Excessive sun exposure is a serious threat to health. Protect babies and young children from exposure to direct sunlight.

*Oligosaccharide from brown algae

* 100% vegetable oily complex of myrtle and olive leaves BIO

*Blend of extract of myrrh resin, anatto seeds, Pongamia oil and sunflower oil

* 100% Natural Aloe Juice BIO

Original Extract Orange BIO 

Olive oil BIO

Argan Oil BI

Printed in 23/08/2019
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