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Organic Propolis – Nasal Spray


Propolis 30% – Nasal Spray

With drinking alcohol

Ideal for:

Colds | Runny nose | Rhinitis Polyps

– 20ml

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The word propolis comes from the Greek words “pro” and “polis”, which means a substance that is placed before the entrance of the hive (city) for the defense of the bee.

Propolis is collected by specialized workers – bees from trees and tree buds and its composition is related depending on the secretions of shoots from various trees such as poplars, oaks, chestnuts, birches and various conifers. It is collected during the hottest hours of the day from plants rich in resinous, gummy and balsamic substances. They transport it to the hive and use it directly in various tasks inside the hive. That is why mountain propolis is the best.

Depending on the chemical composition of propolis, its physical characteristics such as color, aroma, taste and composition are differentiated.

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