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Free shipping on orders over € 110

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Mist Skin Perfection


Moisturizing mist with immediate lifting effect

Flower water that offers hydration, anti-aging, firming, straightening. After its application, the improvement of the skin is visible. Fine wrinkles are eliminated, expression lines are reduced, and the face immediately looks healthier and brighter.


Product Description

Whether you want to soothe irritated skin, give glow to dull and dry skin, or just boost your mood, a few sprays are enough to cover you, no matter what your skin requirements are. An active facial mist that combines the immediate tightening and straightening of the skin of the face and neck, while also protecting against pollution. You can enjoy it whenever you need a refresh (figuratively or literally). Because, finally, who does not want to moisturize, lighten, do immediate lifting with a simple press and feel a feeling of relief and coolness at any time during the day.

Nowadays, when the rhythms are running and the woman is now sharing between family youth, profession and social relations we offer you the right product which:
    • Corrects & amp; tightens the skin

Instantly reduces wrinkles & amp; expression lines

  • Eliminates signs of fatigue
  • Perfects facial skin & amp; neck
  • Cools


We are sure that you will find in this product the formula that suits you perfectly.


  • Rose Water Flower
  • Chicory Extracts (radish)
  • Tara Extract (Peruvian locust bean)
  • Glycerin
Dimensions 4,2 × 4,2 × 15,7 cm
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