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Natural Cosmetics with Beeswax

Wrinkles / Tightening / Outline

The TIMALFES serum, reverses time, inhibiting the intrinsic effect (chronological aging) and exogenous aging (stress, cigarette, air pollution) and exhibits significant anti-wrinkle action. A gentle gel product that, due to its active ingredients and plant dry oils, has the ability to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and lead to high cellular activity! The visible benefit of consistent use is a refreshed face with fewer wrinkles, vigorous and flawless

Night Cream Intensive Nourishment - Activates Elastine/ Collagen

With action during sleep, at the same time that it doubles the regeneration rate of the cells, the night cream contributes to the natural reactivation of collagen production and the composition of elastin. It consists of a combination of floral, selective oils, plant extracts, active ingredients and essential oils that penetrate the skin resulting in a youthful, vigorous, velvety texture.

About Us

Who We Are

We deal 20 years with organic beekeeping and 4 years with cosmetology. The production of our cosmetics takes place in a certified laboratory of natural cosmetics in Greece with the unique aim of offering exceptional products, which are at the same time trusted by nature, man and science.


We create natural products suitable for all ages, without the use of hazardous chemicals, without parabens, without animal testing. We use our own tried-and-tested recipes, with mild preservatives, in special packages that do not allow product to contact with air and bacteria.

OUR HISTORY, the reason for our existence

In 2013, Liana Tsormpatzidou, Cosmetologist, creator and inspirer of fresh natural cosmetics, Timalfes, a mother of 4 children, was diagnosed with breast cancer. As in millions of women in the world, so in Liana, cancer has brought changes. The first face creams were born somewhere between this healing route. They were born through the personal need for a range of fresh ingredients that do not burden the body with unnecessary harmful chemicals. Soon, "Liana’s Creams" became the main preference for friends and family, especially for their excellent results. In 2017, Liana decided to present the first Timalfes certified product line on the market, maintaining its same recipes and faithful to its original purpose and vision: products of course with excellent raw materials, without dangerous chemicals, with respect to nature and well-being .

Besides, Timalfes in Greek means "valuable" as the nature and the bees, "precious" as our health.