Free shipping on orders over € 110

Free shipping on orders over € 110

Meet our Active Ingredients...

Acacia Bark Extract & St. Paul’s Herb Extract

It has been honored with the Best New Ingredient in Asia category in 2013 during the E&T R&D Awards. It is the first cosmetic ingredient which, through its multi-targeted anti-relaxation action, achieves effectively

  • the correction of the fold of the upper eyelid (up to -61%)*
  • eye contour correction (up to -91%)*
  • the visible smoothing of wrinkles in the crow’s feet (reduction of volume up to -34% and depth up to -33%)*
  • strengthening the structure of the skin*
  • the attenuation of dark circles (reduction of color intensity up to -32% in red and up to -30% in blue)*
  • Reduction of puffiness in the lower part of the eye Visible results of a bloodless -non-invasive eyelid surgery that comes to meet the expectations of men and women around the world.*

*Clinical studies have shown the positive effects of the active ingredient after 2 months of consistent use


Helps remove dead cells from the skin resulting in a strong moisturizing action. The skin becomes softer, brighter and smoother. Creates a protective layer on the skin and retains natural moisture.

Vitamin E

It is also called “the vitamin of beauty”. It is a natural, powerful antioxidant with emollient action, which protects cells and collagen fibers from the harmful effects of free radicals prevented by antioxidant stress, thus preventing aging and the formation of wrinkles.


It has moisturizing properties, as it attracts water and helps the skin to maintain it. It works as an excellent emollient leaving the skin smooth, soft and extremely hydrated.

Thermus Thermophilus Enzyme

An award-winning natural active ingredient, with strong anti-aging action, the best in the fight against photoaging, as it prevents the creation of unwanted side effects, such as spots, wrinkles and dryness. It is a product of biotechnology and protects at the cellular level from ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. We find it in waters of 2000m depth, with a temperature of 75οC and a pressure of 200 bars.

  • Yellow Beeswax

A natural derivative, also known as “natural gold”, has antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, hypoallergenic and antioxidant properties and is therefore the ideal healing agent. It offers protection against environmental attacks such as pollutants, pollution and the sun. Due to its properties, it helps the skin to restore its lost softness and elasticity, as it retains moisture in the skin and protects cells. It is one of the key ingredients in making natural beauty products.

Anti-Stress Peptide

The innovative active anti-stress peptide balances the anti-stress genes that have lost their mobility due to age and external infection (smoking, pollution). It stimulates the cells and restores them to a normal state, as happens in a youthful skin. The results of a survey conducted on women aged 40-65, 50% of whom were smokers are impressive:

Reduction -58% in the depth of wrinkles.

Improvement of softness + 30% after 2 months of continuous use with the first visible results after only 2 weeks.

Moisturized skin + 20% hydration after 15 days of continuous use and + 42% after 2 months.


Ribose, or “sugar of life”, is an active ingredient in biotechnology derived from corn seeds, the action of which focuses on the activation and oxygenation of the skin resulting in a face that is fresh, bright and full of life. Reduces wrinkles effectively and increases skin elasticity.


A plant extract highly resistant to oxidation, derived from the natural hydrocarbons of olive oil that has a structure similar to our skin cells. Effective against dark spots, protects against sunlight UV, strengthens cells and helps the production of vitamin D by our body. It is completely natural and effectively reduces fine wrinkles.


A natural ingredient derived from olives, it helps to restore the elasticity of the skin as it prevents the loss of moisture. Suitable for its emollient properties.

Brown Algae Oligosaccharide

Coming from the sea, oligosaccharide regulates, restores and improves communication between neurons and fibroblasts, which act against wrinkles that have already developed. Protects against free radical toxicity and significantly reduces the depth of wrinkles.

Zinc Natural sunscreen Filter

Zinc Oxide is a natural inert mineral used as a thickener, bleach, lubricant and sunscreen in cosmetics. It is a white powder, with coating, slightly astringent properties, practically insoluble in water.

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